How PACSys Agriculture Drones Empower South African Smallholder Farmers

In collaboration with the South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI), the University of Pretoria Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, DJI Agriculture dealer PACSys,  recently conducted a series of trainings and experiments reviewing the potential of agriculture drones in empowering South African smallholder farmers in sugarcane cultivation.

Sugarcane is a significant crop in South Africa, contributing substantially to its agricultural sector, rural development, and job creation. While chemical ripeners are used to accelerate the maturation process and increase sucrose content, their application has been a challenge for smallholder farmers due to the scattered nature of their fields and surrounding natural vegetation.

This article highlights a series of experiments using DJI Agras drones, to investigate the viability of crop spraying drones for smallholder farmers. The experiments involved 15 smallholder farmers conducting drone ripening trials at 11 different locations, and the results showed an increase in estimated recoverable crystal (ERC) and higher sugar yields despite some challenges in implementation.

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