Drone Spraying Provides Precision Application

Landscape SA · 08 Apr 2022.

Tim Wise is the founder of PACSys, a company established in 2016 by a group of sugar cane farmers on KZN’s North Coast. It’s purpose was to improve the quality of aerial pesticide application on their farms, where sugar cane is grown on steep and challenging terrains and thus in need of precision applications.


Drone demonstrations at Fancourt


Discovering an Opportunity

Initially, PACSys was established as more of a research development entity, looking at all emerging agricultural technologies that would ultimately unlock farming efficiencies. On a trip to China to visit DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer drones, Wise has the opportunity to see what that country was developing on the crop spraying front, and realised that this could potentially be the solution PACSys was looking for from the point of view of precision spraying.

“A quiet revolution is occurring and this bodes well for the farmer.” – Tim Wise


Trip to China in 2016 to meet with DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer drones.

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